I’m Sandra Selcer and I’m the founder of Encino Lady.

I have 15 years of experience scaling startup operations in the restaurant and retail industries and many more working with wellness brands. And yes! I am from Encino.

My story starts in Mexico where I was born and had my first introduction to entrepreneurship, watching my dad build and grow his own manufacturing business. I admired his hustle and how he managed to take care of everyone around him in the process – teaching others the ropes and helping them start businesses of their own.

My dad, “Don Ray”, has been my hero and my inspiration in life and in business. This made it especially difficult to see him pass away from Ataxia, a rare genetic disease of the nervous system that has afflicted my family for generations.

While he was sick, I stepped into the role of caretaker as it’s always been my nature to make sure everyone is looked after. Even now, I wish I’d been able to do more for my dad as he battled with his illness. When my two sisters were diagnosed with Ataxia I knew I wanted to do something to ensure they were cared for in the best way possible.


It was my dad’s example that inspired me to want to have my own company. I had started a few small businesses but it was my friends and family that ultimately guided me to Encino Lady. They call me the connector because I love bringing people together at my home to enjoy great company and my amazing homemade cocktails.

With Encino Lady, I wanted to produce a line of drinks that you could feel really great about, just like the ones I serve my guests. Something that uses only the best ingredients and inspires you to connect with your loved ones and create lasting memories. Bottling my signature blends is my way of making sure you’re being looked after too, even if I can’t be there in the moment with you! And, with every purchase, you can feel great to know you are helping others dealing with Ataxia.

With Encino Lady on hand you can mix and feel great!



Our mission is to make it easy to connect with your loved ones and raise the bar on life! We believe there’s nothing more valuable then finding time to create incredible memories.

Each time you raise a glass, it helps us raise awareness and support for Ataxia. With every purchase we get closer to finding a cure.

So, we invite you to put down your phone, pick up your glass, mix and feel great!

To learn more about Ataxia visit ataxia.org

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